My glFrustrum got bigger?

Since I got my new glasses, DVD cases on shelves look suspiciously small. At first I wondered if it was some new smaller design of DVD case. However, DVDs themselves are obviously still the same size, and inspecting a case reveals that it’s only just wide enough to encompass the diameter of the disc. OK, you may think, no mystery here. New glasses. However, my new glasses are exactly the same prescription as the old ones.

GPL v3: The Missing Piece

There has been a lot of GPLv3 discussion on tech sites. Perhaps predictably, a lot of it has missed the point or miscategorized the changes. If you read the history of the Free Software Foundation and the GNU Public License, you discover that it all came about because Richard Stallman found himself having to use broken software that he wasn’t allowed to fix. The entire purpose of the GPL is to ensure that everyone who uses a piece of GPL-licensed software can change that software, use the changed version, and distribute it to other people.

Camcorder joy

The camcorder finally turned up at Micro Center. I’m gonna make DVDs of our home movies… With soundtracks and titles and everything.