Cute / not cute

On Sunday, I was sitting in the living room when one of our female squirrels came to the back door and tapped on the glass to ask for food. Entirely too cute, so by way of balance here’s a cockroach story: This morning rothko found a cockroach in her shoulder bag. So of course, she immediately said “Eww! Roach!” and tipped it out onto the living room floor, at which point it retreated to under the sofa.


Minneapolis airport had a Dyson Airblade installed in the men’s bathroom, perhaps in order to give Republicans one less thing to wait for while tapping their feet. What can I say? It works. I put my wet hands in, and the device started blowing quietly. I pulled my hands out slowly over the course of about 10 seconds, and when they emerged they were dry. The device shut off automatically. The air it blew was cold, not hot.

Things that suck

When I moved in with rothko, we bought a vacuum cleaner. At the time we were living in a fully carpeted apartment in Malden, MA. Money was tight, so I did some research via Consumer Reports and bought a Sharp vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, I overlooked one detail. While excellent on carpets, the vacuum cleaner was entirely unsuitable for hard wood floors. After a couple of years we moved into an apartment with wood floors, and the Sharp took up residency in the basement.