The secret Trump voter

Reveal podcast recently ran a show on the secret Trump voter. One of the Trump voters they talked to was Richard Spencer, white nationalist. Spencer invented the term “alt right” for his political movement, which calls for a racially pure post-American nation state. He talks in his interview of the importance of white identity — which, along with a belief that whites are treated unfairly, is a powerful predictor of Trump support.

Dear Trump voter worried about violent protests

For months, Donald Trump has been telling everyone that the election might be illegitimate, that it’s rigged, and that there is widespread fraud. He has said that the electoral college is a disaster, that the winner of the popular vote should be President. Liberals said this talk was dangerous. They said that it was undermining confidence in the democratic process. They warned that it could lead to violence. Experts agreed, and election officials predicted violence.

It’s the small details that stick with you

I worked the election all day, starting at 5:45am so everything could be ready by 7am. Just before the polls closed at 7pm, a Latina woman and her elderly mother came in. One of them had no suitable ID, and we couldn’t legally let her vote. The other had a folded and crumpled voter registration, years old, and enough ID that we could process her and let her vote. She had never used the voting machines, doubtless hadn’t voted in many years.

US election manifesto

Here’s my pre-election position statement and argument. The TL;DR is that I’m absolutely not going to get angry at anyone who decides to vote third party, but I think that’s a terrible strategic mistake for this specific election, and I would like to explain why. The system is bent Let me start out by saying that I was a third party voter for years. In the UK, I routinely voted for the Liberal Democrats.

Change you can believe in

From: Joe Biden To: Barack Obama Subject: Changes to your positions on key issues I’ve been taking a look at your web site. There are some changes you need to make if we’re ever going to win this thing. Get rid of as many mentions of science as you can. That stuff scares the right-wing Christians. Remove the paragraph about surveillance being conducted under the rule of law. It just looks embarrassing after your FISA vote.

“La la la la la!”

First we had an election landslide against the Republicans, in which the Iraq war was the #1 concern of voters. Then we had an Iraq Study Group. It was described by the mainstream media as “bipartisan”. Here’s what “bipartisan” actually means: Chairman James A. Baker III—Chief of Staff, Reagan; Secretary of State, Bush I. Co-chairman Lee H. Hamilton—allegedly a Democrat. As chair of a previous Select Committee, he chose not to investigate Reagan or Bush I for their roles in the Iran-Contra scandal.

Elections, American style

In Alaska, a school board election ended in a draw. There was a recount—still a draw. Hence, state law required that it be settled by lot. So, they tossed a coin to decide who won the election. That’s not the weird bit; the weird bit is that the dead candidate won. So they had the foresight to put in rules about what to do if two candidates got exactly the same number of votes—but forgot to mention anything about requiring that candidates be alive?

Why America can’t handle an election

It’s US election day, and you don’t need to be The Amazing Kreskin to predict how things are going to go: badly. Barring a miracle, we’re going to end up with another statistical dead heat, with Kang and Kodos splitting the popular vote and electoral college vote almost 50/50. Unfortunately, there are a lot of black box voting machines in marginal areas—with no tamper-proof audit trail and no way to re-count the votes.

In case you missed it

Item 1: The Republicans in Florida paid Database Technologies (DBT) to produce a list of felons who could be prevented from voting in the Presidential election. Only one county checked the accuracy of the list it was given; they found it was 95% wrong. It turns out that DBT did not verify the information by phone, even though they were paid to do so. DBT say that Clayton Roberts, Republican head of elections, “…wanted there to be more names than were actually verified as being a convicted felon.