The imminent death of the Xbox 360

When the Xbox 360 came out, it was portrayed as something everyone wanted, the amazing new console that was selling out everywhere. Yet the next week, when I walked into Costco they had a pallet piled high with the things. When the Wii was launched, it became the console that was really selling out everywhere. But by then, Microsoft had moved on to their new story, that the Xbox 360 was the biggest selling next-gen console.

Dan: The Motion Picture

A weekend of ups and downs. Most of Saturday was spent on Dan’s movie project. Everything outdoors got exposed well, but the indoor shots are grainy. One of the struts of the cheap tripod broke, so now it’s a bipod. It was free anyway, so I’m not too bothered, maybe I’ll buy a nice one now. It turns out that the mix mic input of the wireless unit doesn’t feed to the output, so I’ll need to get some parts from the electronics store and make a mix cable.