Not making a decision was the right decision

Well, according to an article on Slashdot, VIA just released the source for video drivers for the CLE266 / Savage / EPIA M-series systems. The improved drivers support the onboard hardware acceleration for MPEG/DVD playback and OpenGL, de-interlaced video, TV out, and hardware video overlay. Supposedly mplayer has already been updated appropriately. So, here’s the new plan for a media PC: Cooler Master ATC620 case, possibly with the fan ripped out because I’m using an… EPIA M-9000 or M-10000 motherboard Seagate Barracuda hard drive LiteOn LTR-52246S CD-RW (currently rips any CD, even supposedly “copy-protected” discs, faster and more reliably than a Plextor) (Later:) DVD-ROM or DVD-RW drive (Later:) Maybe a Hauppage WinTV card, or a Sound Blaster card for better audio Not sure which Linux distribution yet.