After a while, I forget how barking mad Eric S Raymond is. Then he does something to remind me, like proposing the abolition of the GPL, eating an endangered puffin, praising the Fascists who fought the Spanish Civil War, writing that black people commit violent crime because they have lower IQs, or sending out his blog postings as press releases. This time, he’s drawing on the wisdom of the Roman Emperor Caligula and modeling his idea of good US foreign policy on the Roman Empire.

Sniper solution

Gun-rights groups have fulfilled my expectations, saying that people wouldn’t be shot by snipers if they had lots of guns. This is almost as funny as Eric Raymond’s posting that the way to increase airline safety would be to have all the passengers carry guns.

Simple solutions to difficult problems

Every social problem has a simple solution that will make things worse. Eric S. Raymond believes that if only passengers had the unrestricted right to carry firearms on planes, the world would be much safer. You may need to go back and read that again, in order to fully appreciate the mind-numbing bone-headed stupidity. I can see it now. You’re at 30,000 feet when a drunken passenger starts waving his gun around.