On version control

When I was hunting around for a free version control system, people recommended Perforce. I wasn’t happy with a non-open-source version control system, however. BitMover Software have now demonstrated why, far better than I could have hoped to. They encouraged Linus Torvalds to move the Linux kernel source tree into BitKeeper, offering him and other kernel developers free licenses for BitKeeper on Linux. Then once everyone was using BitKeeper, they decided they didn’t like the fact that a developer at OSDL was reverse-engineering their file transfer protocol in his spare time.

Windows 2000

Windows 2000 is a piece of shit. I now have a new(er) ThinkPad at work, which will run Windows 2000. People have often said to me “Yes, Windows 95 was awful, and Windows 98 was bad, and Windows ME was flaky, and Windows XP isn’t very good… but Windows 2000 is great. Stable, fast, reliable.” I took their word for it. Yes, I know, paint the word “SUCKER” on my forehead.