Health Kick: Conclusion

So, that’s my story. I cut my sugar to under the AHA recommended level. I increased my fat intake and aimed for the upper end of the recommended daily intake, so the food I ate would cause less glycemic load and keep me satisfied for longer. I switched to whole grain for pretty much everything, and started eating quinoa, flaxseed and nuts. I ate as much raw or lightly-cooked food as possible, even if it meant turning it into a smoothie.

Health Kick: Gadgets

I’m generally skeptical about health gadgets, even more than I am about gym membership. Call me a cynic, but I don’t think sauna pants are going to get you slim just by wearing them for an hour a day, or that the thigh toner is going to melt the fat off your ass. Even if the device works, we’ve all been to someone’s house and seen the exercise bike that’s been converted into a coat rack.

Elliptical observations

I didn’t drive until 2004. I relied on public transit to get everywhere. This meant that I thought nothing of walking for half an hour to get where I wanted to be, and then walking back afterwards. Especially if the bus didn’t turn up. In Massachusetts, I would start to gain weight as winter set in; all my body wanted me to do was eat and stay in bed. But in spring and summer, I’d walk it all off again.