Big Dig oops

I normally don’t pay much attention to anything relating to The Big Dig, but this one was so funny it made me laugh: It was spring 1997, only a few weeks after he took an engineering job with the Big Dig’s private-sector managers, Bechtel/Parsons Brinckerhoff, when David Beck realized something was terribly amiss at the then-$10.8 billion project. The FleetCenter was missing. Not the actual FleetCenter, of course. The flashy facility had been grabbing headlines since a groundbreaking ceremony on April 28, 1993.

Big time

Peter Gabriel has a new album out, and is touring. He’s playing Boston. I’ve seen him live before, and he’s fantastic. Problem 1: It’s at the FleetCenter. Which means it’s going to be really, really expensive. Problem 2: Tickets are available exclusively from the FleetCenter or from TicketBastard. Which means big “service” fees. Problem 3: The small print says “Date, act and time subject to change without notice.” So, $46 plus service fees to watch from the other end of the FleetCenter, or $131 to be as close as I was at the concert in London.