Top 10 rejected Windows Vista font names

Calumny Candelabra Colonic Cabalist Canker Capitulate Cadaver Cornhole Catamite Colostomy Seriously, though, who thought it would be a good idea to give them all nondescript one-word names beginning with ‘C’?

The great knock-off font swindle

When Apple launched Mac OS X, they made a big thing about its typographical capabilities. To show off the new type rendering engine, they licensed and bundled… More than $1,000 of the best fonts available today, including Baskerville, Herman Zapf’s Zapfino, Futura, and Optima; as well as the highest-quality Japanese fonts available, in the largest character set ever on a personal computer. It’s interesting to contrast this with Microsoft’s approach. Back when they launched Windows, they needed some fonts too.


Fedora Core 1 died, so I installed the latest rev of the corporate desktop based on something else… which means I’m stuck with GNOME, as there aren’t any working KDE installs I can find. With KDE it was really easy to install fonts. Almost Mac-like, in fact. Open the fonts window in Konqueror, drag the TrueType and Type 1 font files in, drop. Done. In GNOME, I open my directory of fonts.