You know Neal Horsley, the extremist anti-abortion campaigner who posts lists of names and addresses of abortion doctors on the web, and crosses them off the list when they’re murdered? Well, he was interviewed on Fox News Radio, where he casually mentioned that when he grew up on the farm in Georgia, his first girlfriend was a mule. Audio is available.

Offending link

Creators Syndicate, publisher for Faux News blowhard Bill O’Reilly, have threatened a lawsuit against a web site for linking to an O’Reilly article about PBS’s Buster the Bunny. I don’t advocate reading any of O’Reilly’s spew, I just wanted to post the offending link.

Coincidence du jour

FOX News and News Corporation papers like The Sun and the New York Post offered rabid support for the war in Iraq. Michael Powell, son of Colin Powell, is Chairman of the FCC. Guess who just got FCC clearance to buy DirecTV?

Quote of the week

I call them a fascist organization, because what they’re doing is using terror to further their agenda.” —Bill O’Reilly, FOX News, describing the ACLU.