Credit cards, medical records, and solving the wrong problem

One of the problems of working in tech is it can get annoying when you see lots of money being spent solving the wrong problems, or implementing completely ineffective solutions. Take credit cards and RFID, for example. There’s a big push in the US to include RFID in every card. I’ve had a card with RFID for just over a year now. The benefit to me? Theoretically, I can hold the card against the card reader, instead of having to swipe it through the slot.

Mistaken identity month

People who know me probably won’t be surprised to learn that I go through my credit card bills line by line, checking them. This month I noticed a mysterious item from, a debit for just shy of $180 about 10 days ago. I called the 888 number and asked if they did billing for any other online business. The customer service rep said no, it’s just By a weird coincidence, a friend had been telling me about them earlier in the day; their service is basically remote desktop access to your home or office machines.

Enron was just the beginning

Worldcom have fired their CFO. Turns out they’ve been engaging in massive fraud. Hmm… Enron, Global Crossing, Worldcom… Who’s next?