Why did they ruin Thunderbird?

On trying to use Thunderbird 15: That tab bar is a terrible waste of space, especially for anyone using Thunderbird in 3-pane mode. There’s an option to turn the tab bar off unless it’s actually needed, but for some reason there’s no UI to turn on that option. It’s slow. Really slow. I mean, I thought Apple Mail was slow, then I tried Thunderbird 15. Sending e-mail seems to take an eternity.

Microsoft discovers principles

Microsoft has announced its new tenets to “promote competition”, so I thought I’d take a look at them. I wasn’t impressed.

1. Installation of any software. Computer manufacturers and customers are free to add any software to PCs that run Windows.

Translation: “Your computer belongs to you, not us.”

Yes, you’re actually allowed to install any software you like on the computer you build or purchase. It’s hard to believe that Microsoft even have to write this down. That they feel it’s some kind of new principle to apply “going forward” is a shocking admission.

Palm OS development sux0rs

Spent most of the afternoon in a futile attempt to get the Palm OS development kit working. I’ve probably wasted several days on it, in fact. I tried installing it under Linux, but couldn’t get the emulator to run, and didn’t fancy debugging on the Palm I use for all my important data. Yesterday I tried MiNT, but Palm don’t seem to document where to install the library and include files for a UNIX system.