Pud, of Fucked Company fame, was briefly trying to sell custom porn videos. Supposedly the purchaser would get to supply a fifty word script for the actresses to work from. I find myself wondering… what’s the most bizarre, funny or disturbing fifty word script someone could come up with for a porn movie? Something from the Communist Manifesto might be amusing. Or maybe a PERL porn movie with text from the camel book…

No taxation without representation!

I had the dubious honor of reading about my employer on Fucked Company. It’s been a nervous week, but the outcome is that I still have a job. There’s an article on Salon about .com workers who get laid off and just sit back for a few months relaxing and drawing unemployment checks. That must be nice. As a resident alien, I wouldn’t get the chance to collect unemployment checks. Nor do I get to vote, even though I’m forced to pay taxes.