Who took my Gatorade?

I went to buy a drink, because I was thirsty. Normally I’d grab a Gatorade and that would be the end of it. However, Gatorade have completely reworked their branding and split the product into a whole bunch of varieties: G, G2, something called “BR ING IT”, and several others with stupid names that either weren’t in that particular store or I didn’t notice them. So I was suddenly faced with a conscious choice I hadn’t previously faced.


Idiocracy is Mike Judge’s new live action movie. Well, I say “new”; I gather it was pretty much finished in 2004, and since then he has been battling with 20th Century Fox to get it released. Right now, it’s showing in a handful of cities, probably a contractual obligation release before it gets shuffled off to DVD or buried outright. One of the cities is Austin, so we went to see it last night.

Somewhat better

It turned out that part of the headache was due to lack of food. I drank gatorade and ate something a little spicy, and spent most of the day in bed drinking water and sleeping. I now feel almost like a human being again; the headache has settled into a dull ache consistent with spending 24 hours asleep. It may even go away if I give it coffee.