Flora and fauna

I just went to weigh myself, and a tiny gecko shot out from under the scales and crawled part way up the wall. I’ve managed to catch him and reunite him with his lizard friends on the back porch. I’d love to know how he made it upstairs. The squirrels have been leaving us alone since we came back from England. I wondered if they were sulking, but then I saw that the trees were all suddenly bearing black walnuts and live oak acorns.

Not about layout engines

I found the missing gecko. He had crawled into the wastebasket. Tonight was trash night, and I emptied it into a black sack, then put the sack in the trash—at which point the gecko shot out into the bin. I managed to catch him in a jar, and took a good look at him. Definitely a mediterranean gecko. I took him out to the back yard, and released him under the deck to rejoin his family.

Door to door car insurance salesman

There is a gecko somewhere in my office. Not sure how he got into the house, but he was spotted in the downstairs bathroom. We attempted to catch him—for his own safety, and purely out of concern for his wellbeing—but he hid behind a box of PC parts and a stationery cabinet. So mental note to self for tomorrow morning: tread carefully.

Go lizards!

Today I saw a wasp starting to build a nest in the corner of the back porch. I made a mental note to hose him away some time tomorrow. Then tonight, we came home to find 4 geckos of various sizes gathered on the back porch—and one of them was eating the wasp.