Domino on Gentoo vs SuSE

Well, I hated SuSE so much that in desperation I decided to try Gentoo running the latest kernel 2.6 test release, to see if the threading in that was viable enough that it would run the binary-only software in question… aw, hell, I may as well admit it’s the Lotus Domino Server 6.5. Anyway, it worked. So now I’ve got Domino 6.5 running on Gentoo, with full SMP support. It wouldn’t run on RedHat, but kernel 2.

Best Saturday ever

All the parts for my Linux MP3 server had arrived, so I built it, and it worked first time. So I booted Knoppix to test it, and everything worked. Then the post was delivered, and my “green card” was in the mail. Then I started the Gentoo install process, and the installed detected all the hardware and configured the network for me without any work. Then I went into the square, and it was ArtBeat, so I had some curry for lunch, and some fair trade iced coffee, and wandered around.