San Francisco’s real problem

Amidst all the hand-wringing over San Francisco’s unaffordability problems and the resulting protests, there’s something that isn’t getting discussed much. As an experienced software developer (amongst other things), I get contacted by recruiters on a fairly regular basis. And the conversations pretty much always start–and finish–with “Of course, you’d have to relocate to the San Francisco bay area.” That’s the problem people aren’t talking about. You can’t get a job writing software for Apple unless you work in the Infinite Loop campus.

South Austin

It’s a beautiful sunny day. The prickly pear cactus are flowering, doves are cooing, and the occasional vulture soars overhead. I took a walk down the street to the new grocery store that has just opened. Partial list of items found therein: Soy milk, tofu, incense sticks, books on graphic design, Belgian chocolate, fresh garlic, goat cheese, Mexican soda, GardenBurgers, organic coffee, San Pellegrino, focaccia, organic honey-sweetened granola. There was a Prius parked outside too.