Ha ha only serious

From the audible.com unabridged catalog: 1984 (Unabridged) (in Comedy) Author: George Orwell; Narrator: Richard Brown; Running Time: 12:00 hrs.; Price: $10.95; Formats: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 I think it was funnier before the last election.

Time is an illusion, subway time doubly so

I do hope that everyone else has noticed LRT’s big lie. I’m talking about the big lie in flashing lights on every station platform… ”EUSTON 2 mins”, “HAMMERSMITH 4 mins”, and so on. From asking people, I’ve come to the conclusion that most people believe that the electronic displays at LRT stations actually indicate the time at which the train is to arrive. This is not the case. The indicators are remotely controlled by a system of switches.