N-Gage mini-review

2003-10-11 I saw the Nokia N-Gage today. I confidently predict that it will be a dismal failure, based on the following features: The size of an original Game Boy Advance. Needs about 2x the pocket space of a Game Boy Advance SP. Tiny screen, about 2/3 the size of a Palm device, half the size of a GBA-SP. Complicated. I fiddled around with it for a while trying to work out how to make a game start, then gave up.


A while ago I contributed some work I’d done to a knowledge warehouse database at IBM. I also put it up for download on the Intranet. It was a set of templates which basically let you build dynamic auto-indexing web sites in the standard IBM look and feel in a few hours, using Lotus Domino. It turned out that there’s a rewards program, and my contribution was voted the biggest time saver contributed that month.