Debian wears out my patience

I’ve been happily running Debian on my ThinkPad for over a year, probably the longest time I’ve ever kept a single OS on the thing. Or rather, I had been until Saturday. Saturday is when I decided to update my I’d had some problems with before. Debian Testing upgraded to 7.0, and it turned out the ATI FireGL T2 drivers in that were broken. So, no fancy new X.


Fedora Core 1 died, so I installed the latest rev of the corporate desktop based on something else… which means I’m stuck with GNOME, as there aren’t any working KDE installs I can find. With KDE it was really easy to install fonts. Almost Mac-like, in fact. Open the fonts window in Konqueror, drag the TrueType and Type 1 font files in, drop. Done. In GNOME, I open my directory of fonts.

Whack my bonobo

So, there I was happily using my ThinkPad, when I got an I/O error from yum. Investigating the logs revealed a bad sector on the hard drive. Well, no surprises there, IBM makes us use refurbished hard drives… Of course, the problem was how to fix it, as it was on the root filesystem. I rebooted into KNOPPIX to do the job, and then had to dick around with LVM for a while because someone thought LVM was a really good thing to make a default part of any Linux install.