Compare and contrast

The original story in New Scientist: Goth subculture may protect vulnerable children About half of teenage goths have deliberately harmed themselves or attempted suicide, a new study suggests. But joining the modern subculture – which grew out of the 1980s gothic rock scene – may actually protect vulnerable children, researchers say. The respun story on BBC News: Goths ‘more likely to self-harm’ Teenage Goths are more likely to self-harm than those in other social groups, a study has found.

England – miscellaneous notes

The trouble with being a goth is, you can’t be a goth at a seaside resort like Bournemouth. It just looks silly. Trust me on this. I notice stupidity is being imported from America. I saw a letter in The Guardian where the author, apparently serious, refered to himself as an “African-Briton”. Speaking of which, when did The Guardian start carrying ads for phone sex lines and hot bi action?!