PS3 + GTA4

Last week, Sony finally released a PlayStation 3 bundle that actually shipped with the rumble controller included, rather than expecting people to spend an extra $60 to get one. The bundle also comes with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, the new iteration of one of my favorite games. This new MGS4 bundle promptly sold out everywhere online. So on Saturday, while rothko was helping to run a local election, I figured I’d try a few stores to see if anyone had one in stock.

It’s Schadenfreude Friday!

Microsoft’s Xbox division has announced their results for Fiscal Year 2006. Highlights: Total loss of $1.2 billion. Operating losses up 183%. Revenues down 10% YTY in Q4 because of “decreased Xbox 360 console sales”; specifically… Sales dropped from 1.8 million units per quarter to just 700,000 units per quarter, YTY. Revenue from sales of games down 28%. This is awesome news, making it six years of losses to date. Microsoft say they expect to make a profit in the upcoming year.