Tooth and claw (and beak)

On Friday, I was gazing out into the back yard when I saw a hawk swoop towards the house, turn to the side at the last moment, and try to grab a squirrel from the fence. I’m glad to report that he failed, but the squirrel was clearly very disturbed by his near death encounter. He leapt onto the trunk of the nearest tree, and called out—a type of sound I hadn’t heard from a squirrel before.

Dirty Money for PBS

If you watch New Hampshire Public Television (WENH) for a while, chances are you’ll see an advertisement stating that the programming is sponsored by BAE Systems of New Hampshire. The TV ad shows happy smiling families playing baseball to raise money for the American Cancer Research Fund, and ends with the slogan “BAE Systems: A Global Company With A Local Heart”. Heartwarming stuff. Unless, of course, you know who BAE Systems actually are.

The hawk

I left the house this morning, turned the corner, and suddenly found a large bird of prey watching me. It was sitting on the neighbor’s fence, by the mailbox. I crept back inside and grabbed the camera… After I’d taken a photo, the bird and I stood and watched each other for a while. Then he pump-gagged something, perhaps a piece of squirrel. He seemed keen on watching the tree outside our house, so maybe he was hungry for more fresh tree rat.