No headache

I have woken up without a headache. Such a wonderful thing. Sometimes when I’m hungry or tired, I can feel my brain cloud over. It goes fuzzy, I can’t think straight, I have trouble remembering things. Sometimes I wonder if that’s how (say) George W. Bush feels all the time.

Somewhat better

It turned out that part of the headache was due to lack of food. I drank gatorade and ate something a little spicy, and spent most of the day in bed drinking water and sleeping. I now feel almost like a human being again; the headache has settled into a dull ache consistent with spending 24 hours asleep. It may even go away if I give it coffee.

The return of ill

Felt better this morning. Went into work. Felt tired by noon, had a splitting headache after lunch. Came home, went to bed. Just woke up, had microwave pizza. Going to work from home tomorrow. Hope I can be well by the weekend.

Still ill

Still ill. Itchy nose and eyes now, mild headache. Generally alert, though, and I think I’ll make it out the house for a while at lunchtime.