Mrice E100 review

A couple of weeks ago I saw a WIRED article raving about the Mrice E300 earbuds, a pair of no-brand $15 Chinese-made earbuds. The review pointed me at some threads on Reddit and various headphone forums where people were posting about a different model, the E100 — again, from Chinese manufacturer Mrice. They’re also sold under the name Chintek. If you search, you can find reviews scattered across the web.

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A couple of weeks ago, I realized that my trusty full-size headphones were incompatible with my glasses. It wasn’t the fact that they pushed my ears up against the arms of the glasses and made them sore that clued me in, though you might have thought it would have. No, it was when they pushed my glasses sideways enough to push a sore spot onto the side of my nose. I suppose I could wear different glasses, but I really like these.