Year of the click beetle

It seems as though each year, a different kind of Texas wildlife undergoes a population explosion and decides to visit our house. We had the year of the woods roach. That was pretty unpleasant. The year of the junebugs wasn’t much better, because the dead ones got everywhere and looked disconcertingly like dry-roasted peanuts. There was the year of the snail invasion; that one mostly troubled our neighbors. Much cuter was the year of the eight squirrels, and the year of the geckos was nice too.

Flora and fauna

I just went to weigh myself, and a tiny gecko shot out from under the scales and crawled part way up the wall. I’ve managed to catch him and reunite him with his lizard friends on the back porch. I’d love to know how he made it upstairs. The squirrels have been leaving us alone since we came back from England. I wondered if they were sulking, but then I saw that the trees were all suddenly bearing black walnuts and live oak acorns.