Homeruns: Requiem for a .com

HomeRuns made my life just that little bit more pleasant. I bought groceries from them all the time. Then they changed their web site so you couldn’t show fat or sodium content, and couldn’t sort the lists of items, so I switched to Peapod. Now they’ve gone bust. I wonder how many other customers their boneheaded redesign drove away?

Redesigning web sites into uselessness

For many months I’ve been happily ordering food from homeruns for delivery. A week or so ago I got a flyer in the mail advertising their new “next generation” homeruns 3.0 web site. Obviously I got a sinking feeling—when’s the last time you saw a web site that was better after being redesigned? So eventually the cupboard was bare, and it was time to order. I went to the site and discovered that it was even worse than I’d expected.