Relocation situation

The buyers of my UK apartment are stalling with more awkward questions about the company that manages the grounds and building. My mother thinks it’s a ploy; apparently they’re a rich family from Hong Kong buying their daughter a place to stay while she goes to college. So, they don’t want to start paying mortgage payments until next month when college starts, so they’re stalling. It’s frustrating, but there’s nothing much can be done.

Sex and death

I spent most of the day scanning. I have finally finished digitizing the last of the APS cassettes. It was the same painful process of mounting each one in a slide mount with a makeshift plastic spacer cut from a T pass, scanning, removing the spacer, and storing the slide away just in case. Now all I need to do is get Nikon to give me the refund they promised me back in July for the non-working APS adaptor, and I can put the whole sorry episode behind me.

The MPAA can bite me

I ordered the uncensored version of Eyes Wide Shut on DVD from Hong Kong. It’s the version with the (deliberately unerotic) orgy scene intact and as Kubrick intended, and is clearly far too dangerous a piece of art for the fragile American psyche. Region-switching DVD players are your friend.