New Restaurant Menu

Ham au Cameron Mess o’ Farage Full English brexit served with sour grapes Cornish patsies No French bread Hard cheese

Unicode proposal

Proposed implementation UTI #2, Unicode Bristol Scale Encoding Status: Open Originator: Date: 2016-02-18 Description of issue: The Unicode Technical Standard has (since Unicode 6.0) listed the code point U+1F4A9 as “Pile of Poo”, and it has proven very popular. However, there are two issues with its current implementation in contemporary operating systems. The first issue is that one vendor opted to place eyes and a smiling face on the poo.

From the World Bank Book of Proverbs

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he can spend the rest of his life selling you fish cheaply, so he can get hard currency to use to make the interest payments on the money he borrowed to buy the fishing rod and bait you sold him.

CFP: WG69 preliminary standards track meeting

ISO/IEC Working Group 69 will meet in June 2015 in Amsterdam. The meeting’s goal is to begin the discussion process for a new revision of ISO/IEC 58008: Sexual Fetishes and Their Encoding. As you know, the international standard list of sexual fetishes has not been revised since ISO/IEC 58008-1994 was finalized by WG69 in Tokyo, adding tentacles and related pseudopodia to the list. While the internationalization effort has been broadly successful, recent surveys of the World Wide Web have identified over a dozen new fetishes which cannot be adequately described using the standard keywords approved for adult sites.

How to organize your circles in Google+

Limbo: famous people who you follow, but they’re not going to follow you back. Lust: discussion of sexual topics. Gluttony: discussion of food, recipes, restaurants. Greed: people interested in business and finance topics. Anger: technology and web sites, and other things that make you rage. Heresy: discussion of religion. Violence: friends who play video games Fraud: political debate. Treachery: personal gossip about your social group. (With thanks to Dante Alighieri and Evan Cordes.

Google Wishes You Merry Christmas, Launches Google Santa Initiative

Lack of Information at North Pole Leads Google to Draft New Privacy Policies MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – December 15, 2009 UTC – As the holiday season continued, Google Inc. today announced that it is modifying its privacy policies in a new two-part Google Santa initiative. The inspiration for the Google Santa project came from the realization that Santa has very little information to go on when judging whether people are naughty or nice.

Palin & McCain: similarities and differences

Sarah Palin can “just put down the BlackBerry and pick up the breast pump”. John McCain invented the BlackBerry. Sarah Palin describes herself as a pit bull with lipstick. John McCain described his wife as plastering on the makeup like a trollop. John McCain has always been very concerned about ‘pork barrel’ spending. Sarah Palin has always been very concerned about obtaining ‘pork barrel’ funds. Sarah Palin tried to sell the Alaskan state government’s jet plane at fire sale prices on eBay.

More Ron Paul facts

Ron Paul will make the IRS deductible. When Ron Paul tables a motion, it stays tabled. Ron Paul’s farts can defeat any filibuster. Ron Paul will disband NATO and defend America in hand-to-hand combat. Ron Paul doesn’t believe in separation of church and state, because god is always asking him for advice. As a gynecologist, Ron Paul learned how to make aborted fetuses spontaneously gestate in his bare hands.

Ron Paul facts

Ron Paul has a bionic Invisible Hand. If the Treasury put Ron Paul on the Presidential dollar coins, the coins would turn into real gold. Ron Paul could decisively win the War on Terror, but he believes it should be decided at state level, so he doesn’t. When Ron Paul files his tax return, he leaves it blank and attaches a picture of himself. He has never had to pay taxes.


Last week’s Hillary Clinton story in The Onion manages to be both hilarious because it’s so true, and deeply depressing because it’s so true. And this week’s issue looks like a classic for much the same reasons, e.g. Point Counterpoint which looks like many online “debates” from 4 years ago. Some of the content is rerun, but still, it’s a cracking compilation.