New iBook

The tax refund is going to be generous, and I also got a rather nice bonus from work, so today I picked up an iBook on the way home. I’m currently installing all the essentials onto it, though since it only has the built-in RAM at the moment, it’s not like it’s going to be running Photoshop in the immediate future… I’ve ordered a 512MiB SO-DIMM which should hopefully arrive in under a week.

Finances tight

I found myself looking covetously at iBooks again, so it was time to reconcile my bank account and come back to reality. I discovered a spurious duplicate $60 ATM withdrawal, so I went to the bank at lunchtime and reported it. They say I’ll have the money by the end of the week. Not that it’ll pay off the credit cards, but every little helps.


My Airport card arrived. Installed it in the G4, which was tougher than I expected. Getting the machine open was easy, though I had to unplug a couple of the cables. It also didn’t take me long to work out that the piece of green PCB attached to the Airport card had to be some kind of extra part for use in other computers (iBooks maybe?) and not something I had to use.