DST is a waste of money

From the Wall St Journal: Up until two years ago, only 15 of Indiana’s 92 counties set their clocks an hour ahead in the spring and an hour back in the fall. The rest stayed on standard time all year, in part because farmers resisted the prospect of having to work an extra hour in the morning dark. But many residents came to hate falling in and out of sync with businesses and residents in neighboring states and prevailed upon the Indiana Legislature to put the entire state on daylight-saving time beginning in the spring of 2006.

More whining

The Palisades conference center is probably a nice place most of the year. The same is true of the nearby Hilton. Unfortunately, it was February, and cold. Even in the building, it was somewhat cold–when we walked past a fireplace in the conference center on our way back from lunch, the Austin folks all immediately walked over to it and stood there trying to warm up. The rest of the team, from places like New York and Indiana, looked at us with mild amusement.

I have your porn, L MACKAY!

Someone called L MACKAY has signed up to receive a mail order catalog of porn DVDs from a company in Gary, Indiana. I know this because he signed up using our address. Actual porn movie titles from the catalog Octo-cock. Loving Thick Women. (Because it’s not brains men go for?) The Biggest Pussy In The World. (Tubcat?) Unusual Objects. (Not, in fact, a documentary about the Roswell incident.) Girls Who Cum Like Men.