Movie review: Insomnia / Insomnia

I don’t often watch movies back-to-back with the American remakes. However, I failed to see Insomnia in its original Norwegian incarnation, and since the US version was directed by Christopher Nolan (who had previously directed the excellent Memento), I decided to watch both versions in one week.

Both are good movies. If you hate subtitles, feel free to watch the remake; it’s a perfectly good adaptation, taking into account Hollywood’s sensibilities–which I shall now proceed to discuss, with the aid of copious spoilers, so you have been warned.


Insomnia. It’s not something I usually suffer from, but something (maybe the movie?) has got me thinking about we’re often damned whichever course of action we take. Some illustrations: Scene one: A good friend was planning to get married to the guy she’d been dating for some years. I was a little sad, because they’d be moving away; he had a job lined up elsewhere. I was a lot more sad when I discovered that she didn’t want to move, and I started to get a bad feeling about the whole thing.


Yes, it really is 04:30, and I’m annoyingly awake. Rather than lie sleeplessly in bed, I’m going to sit here for a while and play with the new, faster Internet and see if I can get sleepy again. Spent Thanksgiving with Elaine and Jarkko and a bunch of other Perl people. Generally speaking, Elaine doesn’t cook—but when she does (about once a year), she really goes for it. I took along some fake (vegetarian) chicken to substitute for turkey.