More Ron Paul facts

Ron Paul will make the IRS deductible. When Ron Paul tables a motion, it stays tabled. Ron Paul’s farts can defeat any filibuster. Ron Paul will disband NATO and defend America in hand-to-hand combat. Ron Paul doesn’t believe in separation of church and state, because god is always asking him for advice. As a gynecologist, Ron Paul learned how to make aborted fetuses spontaneously gestate in his bare hands.

So let me tell you about this house thing…

When we arrived in Austin at the end of October, we didn’t expect major problems finding a house. During our visit in April we had spent an afternoon with a real estate agent, and had seen a number of suitable houses. Sure enough, the first day we went house hunting, sara walked into a place and immediately thought “This is it.” We went back when I had finished work, and I agreed.


We filed our taxes today. We’ve been hit with a sudden tax bill to the tune of over $20,000. It turns out that after a certain number of years, property you aren’t living in automatically gets taxed on the assumption that it’s a profitable side business, rather than your only piece of real estate. Worse, standard practice in the US is to pay taxes on real estate on the basis that it gradually loses its value (yeah, right), and then pay the difference when you sell it.

Two-faced weasels illustrated

“I’m the only person in the United States Senate who has been elected four times who has voluntarily refused to ever take one dime of political action committee, special interest money in my elections” —John Kerry AP continues the story: Kerry collected more than $470,000 directly from companies and unions in 2002 [just before those types of donations were outlawed] for his Citizen Soldier Fund, and spent large amounts of it sowing goodwill in key primary states just before Congress banned the use of such “soft money” donations, according to records his group filed with the IRS.

Great political U-turns #94

I was writing the other day on another web site about how politicians who are in opposition will speak out against something they agree with because they feel they have to, because it’s their job as the opposition; once they get into power, they’ll make a 180 degree turn and do the exact thing they denounced. Therefore the only way to predict a politician’s actual behavior is to examine his past voting record when in power, and completely ignore anything said when campaigning.

For this, I paid $125

The INS Vermont “Service” Center is unreachable by phone. The line is constantly busy, I’ve been trying for three days, hitting the redial button maybe a hundred times. I tried *66, but that’s disabled for toll-free numbers, and the INS carefully doesn’t publish a toll number. So I called the national service center. They told me that it typically takes four months for the INS to send out a receipt saying that they actually received your application.