Animal Crossing

Anyone I know play Animal Crossing on Nintendo DS and want to visit via Nintendo’s Internet service?

House stuff

Time Warner turned up yesterday and hooked up the Internet. We now have a nice, reliable high-speed connection again. There seems to be nobody in WiFi range who has a wireless access point; either that or they’re not broadcasting SSIDs. Reception is fabulous throughout the house. The modem and router are in the office, and I have the music server up and running again. It turned out that Time Warner have some kind of lock on their back-end systems to restrict the allowed set of MAC addresses for cable modems.

Who’s afraid of the big bad Wolff?

Do what I say, not what I do: I first gave the “information wants to be free” speech 12 years ago. And I actually gave it because Patrick Spain and I had started to talk. […] This was 12 years ago, and I gave this speech and everybody said no, no, no. You’re crazy, content is king and if you have it you’re blah, blah, blah. Well, we all know that they were wrong, that I was right, or if not me then Patrick was right, and I was his instrument.

Army Of Losers

I’m getting increasingly annoyed by the amount of money and resources AOL wastes trying to get me to subscribe to their service. The latest gimmick is that they’re not just sending me CDs… they’re sending me CDs in a metal tin, decorated with an American eagle and a border of stars, styled like a US coin or something. It’s the most appalling waste. I mean, let’s be clear about something: If AOL was the only Internet Service Provider in the world, I’d set up a BBS for my friends or arrange a UUCP feed for my e-mail.