Debbie Barham

I was just listening to The Sunday Format on Radio 4 when I heard a name I recognized in the credits: DA Barham. I used to chat to Debbie Barham via IRC. She’d moved to London and gotten a regular gig writing for the Rory Bremner show, and would often while away time on IRC at odd hours as she came down from a writing binge. I think we got chatting because there was a discussion of Bond movies, and we both thought On Her Majesty’s Secret Service would have been the best Bond movie ever, if it wasn’t for George Lazenby.


Every now and again on DALnet, someone will try using my registered nickname, in spite of the nasty warnings from NickServ. I’ll turn up and recover it, and find that the person’s clueless friends think I’m him. Perhaps I’m just mean, but I tend to see this as a good opportunity to sow seeds of confusion and chaos. Particularly when the clueless users concerned start sending me messages in weird foreign languages.