Found on Urban Dictionary, subsequently removed for reasons unknown: belluzzo (n.) Someone who acts against the interests of the organization he’s with, often in favor of some other organization he may be secretly working for instead — a mole. Named after former SGI CEO Richard Belluzzo, who killed IRIX and MIPS at SGI in favor of NT on Itanium. Right before that, he was Executive VP at HP, where his main accomplishment was killing HPUX on PA-RISC in favor of NT on Itanium.


It’s something I’ve wanted to see happen for a couple of decades now, and finally it’s happening: Intel are getting their asses handed to them by a better CPU maker, in this case AMD. If you weren’t in the computer industry in the 80s, you might not be aware that IBM picked the x86 processor series for the IBM PC specifically because it sucked. IBM sold lots of high end workstations and word processing systems, and made good money doing so; the last thing it wanted was for the PC to eat into that market.