The Dream World, Part 1

I’m a lucid dreamer. I am somewhat conscious during my dreams, I’m aware that they’re dreams, and I can influence their content somewhat. However, there seem to be certain inherent rules or limitations to what I can do. One limitation is that I can’t make sudden, drastic changes. If I try to make things appear from nowhere, or disappear before my eyes, it breaks the dream and I wake up. So if I’m being chased through a shopping mall by a flesh-eating zombie, I can’t just make the zombie disappear.

Jeri Ryan dream

Last night I dreamed about Jeri Ryan. I have no idea why. I should make it clear that it wasn’t a dream about Seven of Nine; it was a dream about Jeri Ryan. It wasn’t really sexual, except in a kind of playful way. In the dream she turned out to have a really interesting personality, with quite a warped sense of humor that I liked a lot. I’ve no idea what she’s like in reality.