Look busy

According to an AP poll, 1 in 4 Americans expect the second coming of Jesus Christ to happen in 2007. I can just about get my head around the number of people who expect it to happen soon; but specifically next year? And 1 in 4 people think this?

Laughing stock

The following are subjects requested from various image and stock footage archives over the last two years. The requests were made by researchers, TV and film producers, and teachers. The list was compiled by William Cole, a New York documentary producer. Hitler in his bunker. The Titanic sinking. Slaves working in the fields. First hot-air balloon ascension. The Industrial Revolution, especially trains (circa 1830). The American Revolution. Columbus discovering America.

Short shameful Christmas confession

On Christmas Day, my family generally play various family-type games. This year, we played a game called “Scattergories ”. Brief summary of rules: Roll die to get a random letter. Start 2 minute timer. Look at list of categories. Think of a word/phrase in each category starting with that letter. Bonuses if more than one word in the phrase starts with that letter. EG. Roll “R ”, category #1 is “Politicians ”, could get 2 points for “Ronald Reagan ”, only one for “Richard Nixon ”.