Good news, bad news, good news

Good news: I’m almost rid of a big chunk of kidney stone. Bad news: It’s got about another three or four centimeters to go… Update at 17:00: It’s gone! I saw it go—it was a couple of millimeters across—and heard it clinking on the porcelain. Didn’t catch it, though, I was preoccupied…

Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building

Yes, it’s time for another kidney news update. It turns out that the two days of excruciating agony were my the kidney stone finally leaving the kidney, and making its way through the ureter. It’s now almost at the exit from the ureter to the bladder, and has moved over a centimeter in the last couple of days. (I’ve seen the pictures.) What this means is that with any luck, by the beginning of next month the problem will have solved itself, though there may yet be some minor unpleasantness as it does so.

Kidney fun

The IVP procedure basically consisted of lying still for 45 minutes while they injected me with dye and took a whole bunch of X ray photographs of my abdomen. Which was great, because after severely interrupted sleep last night I was ready for some lying still. I was released around 11, and got some Gatorade from the first convenience store I passed as I walked the rest of the way to work.

This fucking sucks

Surprise surprise, there’s a kidney stone visible on my X-ray. The doctor wants an IVP. This involves a 48 hour preparation period during which I’m not allowed to eat or drink anything except: Clear vegetable broth Clear fruit juice (e.g. apple) White bread (with no butter) So I went to the supermarket to stock up, and also got some clear Gatorade and a can of Red Bull (in case of emergencies).

This sucks

Both urologists are fully booked until June 3rd. There’s no wait list, but I can call again on Thursday or Friday to see if anyone’s cancelled.

Kidney stone

Came home early and went to bed. Unfortunately the painkillers don’t seem to do anything about the waves of nausea or the feverish shivering and sweating; they just block the pain enough to keep me out of the ER. Still, I’ve managed (so far) to avoid worshipping at the porcelain altar. I wonder what they used to think kidney stones were before the advent of modern surgery… Demon possession? Punishment from God?

Revenge of the kidney stone

It’s back. I’m slowly increasing the dose of Percocet until the pain becomes bearable. I called to get an earlier slot to see the urologist, as I can’t take two more weeks of this. His assistant isn’t in, but she’ll call me back tomorrow. This sucks.

New iMac, kidney stone

Transferred my data to the iMac, and installed the various additional applications I use. Not all that many, in fact, as it comes with AppleWorks… Then I rebuilt the G4’s OS install from the ground up, which took longer than I expected. Finally, I transferred sara’s data to the G4, and imported her e-mail and bookmarks into the relevant places. I tested the CD ripping and burning capabilities of the iMac by making a mix CD for Dan.

When Kidney Stones Attack

Yesterday was already going pretty badly when I started to get abdominal pain at around 16:00. It initially felt like indigestion, but so did my last kidney stone attack… About twenty minutes later there was a wave of pain and nausea. I made it to the bathroom, rallied a little, but eventually had to give in and have a lengthy conversation on the big white telephone with Ralph and Hughie.