Musical fantasy

Florian Schneider gets back together with Karl Bartos and Wolfgang Flür. Freed from Ralf Hütter’s obsessive perfectionism, they find themselves able to release a new album every few years.

Postscript: Hamburger Helper

Food turned out to be less of a problem than in Berlin, oddly enough. There seemed to be lots of vegetarian restaurants, and we found a vegetarische imbiss at Schantzenstrasse and Susannenstrasse. I also got the impression that people were more friendly than in Berlin. Then again, perhaps it was my imagination, a side effect of my becoming more used to Germany. Josef had an original LP from the first release of Autobahn.

Belgium, 1 point

It must have been late 1979 or early 1980 when it happened. I was flipping through the box of “Under £1” 7″ singles in my local record shop when I found one in a bright yellow and orange sleeve. It was labeled Moskow Diskow on one side, Rock Around The Clock on the other. The artist name was TELEX. I’ve always liked bizarre cover versions, so I decided to risk 50p.