This is a recent photo, from our trip to Minnesota this spring: It shows a scene in Duluth. The big orange boat is the William A. Irvin, a huge cargo boat which was once the flagship of US Steel. Now it sits perpetually in dock, as a tourist attraction. (I say “boat” not “ship” because it sailed on Lake Superior, and technically only seagoing vessels are “ships”.) I’m really happy with how the composition turned out.

Minnesota, part 1

We went on vacation to Minnesota, and returned on Saturday, hence the lack of recent journal updates. Time to rectify the situation… I’d visited the Gopher State before, but this was the first time I’d been north of Minneapolis. The plan was to head into the northern part of the state, where the woods are thick and the wildlife is plentiful. We weren’t planning to rough it in a tent—there are some limits—but hopefully we’d get to walk in the woods and along the lakeshores.