Quote of the week

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The Boston PD was doing the job the people of Boston hired them to do: Protecting the innocent. They knew that if those Mooninite Terrorists linked up, Boston would be a pile of ashes. You cannot escape the Quad Laser. Jumping is useless.” —Dirkus Maximus It’s also worth noting that someone actually made and planted fake pipe bombs in Boston in the last few days, but he wasn’t arrested.

The great knock-off font swindle

When Apple launched Mac OS X, they made a big thing about its typographical capabilities. To show off the new type rendering engine, they licensed and bundled… More than $1,000 of the best fonts available today, including Baskerville, Herman Zapf’s Zapfino, Futura, and Optima; as well as the highest-quality Japanese fonts available, in the largest character set ever on a personal computer. It’s interesting to contrast this with Microsoft’s approach. Back when they launched Windows, they needed some fonts too.

From the desk of…

I got my desk today. I’m starting to hate ready-to-assemble furniture, but really, who can afford any other kind? Plus, my desk is from Anthro, who are the Rolls-Royce of RTA. I think the first time I saw an Anthro desk was in MacWorld Expo Boston back in 1997. It was a split-surface desk, with the Mac on the back surface, slightly higher than the front keyboard and mouse area. The guy demonstrating the desk pulled a small lever under the front surface, and lifted it higher with one hand.

Doughnut heaven

Yesterday I got up at 06:00 and worked until 22:00, so this morning I skipped the early morning sessions and caught up on sleep. After that, I went to Krispy Kreme for breakfast, and got a classic frosted doughnut straight off the conveyor belt. It was like biting into an angel. Today I did some room monitor duty, passing out evaluation forms and collecting them at the end. The forms have a checkbox for which session you’re attending.

Camera porn

Sony have announced the DSC-F828 digital camera. The details to drool over: Carl Zeiss T coated Vario-Sonnar lens*. It’s f/2 to f/2.8 / 7.1, with a zoom range equivalent to 28-200mm (7x). The T* coating cuts lens flare and reflections. CompactFlash slot. Yes, finally Sony give in and support CF. 8 megapixel. 3,264 x 2,448. That’s better than ISO 400 35mm film. Four color CCD. Sony have added blue/green sensors to the CCD grid, for better resolution at the frequencies where the human eye is most sensitive—which means more accurate and natural-looking colors.

The surplus saga continues

All I did was order a couple of belts and a cheap winter coat for sara. But the surplus catalog sold my name to another catalog with a slightly more miltary bent. They sold my name to a third catalog, which has practically everything short of actual firearms—if I wanted to buy a crossbow, some laser sights or a serrated folding knife, I now know where to go. So today the inevitable happened.

Computer stuff

I’ve burnt some more CDs of annotated photographs and MP3s… and also my first coaster after over 50 successful burns. I also installed the developer tools and built the latest version of the LAME MP3 encoder. I thought Mac OS X had finally crashed earlier on, when all my Internet applications locked up… but it turned out the router had crashed. Power cycled it and everything worked again. We need a new printer.

Burning inside: CD-R and archiving data

Some people may wonder why my web site was left unchanged for over a year. Well, I’m engaged in a lengthy project to digitize my entire photo collection, using a Nikon film scanner to produce 3000×2000 scans direct from the negatives. Some of the images are decades old, and often the film has deteriorated and needs careful restoration. Color film in the 70s really wasn’t very stable, and these negatives haven’t been particularly well cared for either.