Spoke too soon

Turned out there was a problem with BINC IMAP. For some unfathomable reason it wasn’t checking new mail, i.e. the files in the‘new’ subdirectory of each maildir. I downloaded Dovecot and installed that. Everything’s working perfectly now, I just deleted some messages on the ThinkPad using Mozilla and saw them vanish from Apple Mail moments later. Thanks to Clive for the recommendation.

Another rant about crappy software

For a while now I’ve been plagued by mysterious e-mail sync problems. I’d read something and delete it on one machine, and then I’d log in on another machine and it would be back. This wouldn’t be unexpected, except that I use IMAP for my mail, which is supposed to fix such problems. I eventually deduced that the real problem, which IMAP had been unable to solve, was that mail was being held on the server in mbox format.