Who took my Gatorade?

I went to buy a drink, because I was thirsty. Normally I’d grab a Gatorade and that would be the end of it. However, Gatorade have completely reworked their branding and split the product into a whole bunch of varieties: G, G2, something called “BR ING IT”, and several others with stupid names that either weren’t in that particular store or I didn’t notice them. So I was suddenly faced with a conscious choice I hadn’t previously faced.

Put a sock in it

Another interesting survey was about socks. It was a really long survey. It asked about my preference for different kinds of sock, using phrases like “crew”, “low-cut”, “high-performance”, “quarter”, “ankle”, and so on. I was mostly mystified as to the distinctions being made. Even now, I couldn’t define a quarter sock or a crew sock. I do have opinions about sock material: I like cotton, and don’t like anything else. Oh, all right, perhaps a little Spandex for stretchyness.

Red Bullshit

I carried out marketing for Red Bull, and I didn’t even get the T-shirt… Now people are being paid to do it. Personally, this looks like yet another example of corporate America hacking away at social cohesion and trust.