Palin & McCain: similarities and differences

Sarah Palin can “just put down the BlackBerry and pick up the breast pump”. John McCain invented the BlackBerry. Sarah Palin describes herself as a pit bull with lipstick. John McCain described his wife as plastering on the makeup like a trollop. John McCain has always been very concerned about ‘pork barrel’ spending. Sarah Palin has always been very concerned about obtaining ‘pork barrel’ funds. Sarah Palin tried to sell the Alaskan state government’s jet plane at fire sale prices on eBay.

Raise the double standard

The John McCain Suspension of Habeas Corpus / Ignore the Geneva Conventions Bill was getting me down this morning, but suddenly things have turned around. From AP news: In a scandal guaranteed to anger parents, a prominent House Republican has resigned after the revelation that he exchanged raunchy electronic messages with a teenage boy, a former congressional page. Rep. Mark Foley, R-Florida, who is single, apologized Friday for letting down his family and constituents.

John McCain, man of principle

John McCain, official apologist for the Republican Party, has apparently decided that he backs Bush’s decision to operate above the law and let the NSA spy on Americans with no warrants or official oversight required. He just, you know, wants to hear a good reason why Bush needed to ignore the law. Then it’ll all be all right.

FYI for John McCain supporters

When John McCain said he was against a federal ban on gay marriage, a lot of people thought that meant he was a moderate and a supporter of equal rights who just couldn’t say so for political reasons. Well, no. It turns out he just thinks gay marriage and domestic partner benefits should be constitutionally banned at the state level instead. Which is what he said, albeit omitting spelling out his full thoughts in order to allow wishful thinking.