Postscript: Hamburger Helper

Food turned out to be less of a problem than in Berlin, oddly enough. There seemed to be lots of vegetarian restaurants, and we found a vegetarische imbiss at Schantzenstrasse and Susannenstrasse. I also got the impression that people were more friendly than in Berlin. Then again, perhaps it was my imagination, a side effect of my becoming more used to Germany. Josef had an original LP from the first release of Autobahn.

Underneath the spreading chestnut tree

Two people are walking through a metal detector on the London Underground. One comments to the other that it’s “a piece of shit that wouldn’t stop anyone”. Result: they are stopped by police, searched, and charged with an offense under Section 5 of the Public Order Act, which prohibits “Using threatening words or behaviour likely to cause alarm, harassment or distress”. In other words: pointing out stupid ineffective security might distress the sheep, so pass a law and fine anyone who does it.

San Francisco Part 2

We arrived at Logan Airport in plenty of time. Given that it was about 35 celcius, I felt it was justified to hire a cab rather than lug suitcases on the T. I did my usual thing and tried to remove all metal from my person and put it in a pocket of my carry-on bag, in a vain attempt to evade the metal detector. Unfortunately, something set off the doorframe detector, and I was given a severe wanding.

Mickey Mouse operation

Well, here I am in Disney World. I’m here for an IBM internal conference. Pretty much the whole of the IBM software group sales organization for the USA is here, along with Canadians and some Latin American folks. Tomorrow I have the first of many long meetings filled with information that could be communicated by e-mail much more effectively if you could trust sales people to read their e-mail. The plane trip down was uneventful.