Singer R Kelly has been arrested multiple times on child porn charges, and police found a videotape of him having sex with an under-age girl. Guess who Michael Jackson was shooting a video with when he was arrested?

Lack of judgement

MICHAEL Jackson last night revealed he still invites young children into his bed despite the child-sex allegations which have all but destroyed his career. The singer, whose increasingly bizarre antics have earned him the nickname Wacko Jacko, has formed a close friendship with a 12-year-old boy who regularly stays over at his Neverland mansion in California. Jackson, 44, said: “It’s very loving. What’s wrong with sharing a love?” He also denied his face had been remoulded through plastic surgery, claiming he has undergone only two operations on his nose “to help me hit higher notes”.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson took his face mask off in court yesterday. Don’t look unless you have a strong stomach. I’m not kidding. Not unrelated: a scary photo from Liza Minelli’s wedding. I went to a presentation once about Borland C++ compilers. They had some guy from Borland’s office in California giving the presentation. I don’t remember anything about Borland C++, but I do remember staring in horror at the guy’s lip implants.