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There’s an article in the New Yorker that talks about the death of reading, and the effects of reading on the human mind. It covers a lot of interesting ground. For example: In a study published this year, experimenters varied the way that people took in a PowerPoint presentation about the country of Mali. Those who were allowed to read silently were more likely to agree with the statement “The presentation was interesting,” and those who read along with an audiovisual commentary were more likely to agree with the statement “I did not learn anything from this presentation.

We definitely need a breeder licensing program

A Michigan man left his 3 year old son in a crack house while he went to score more crack. After five hours it became clear to him that he was so out of it that he couldn’t even remember where the crack house was, so he called police and asked them for help. The boy was found the next morning by a man and woman who dropped him off unharmed at a local church.