Business ethics and telemarketing

InfoUSA is a list broker, a company that aggregates personal data and sells it to telemarketers and catalog sales companies. The New York Times reports: InfoUSA advertised lists of “Elderly Opportunity Seekers,” 3.3 million older people “looking for ways to make money,” and “Suffering Seniors,” 4.7 million people with cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. “Oldies but Goodies” contained 500,000 gamblers over 55 years old, for 8.5 cents apiece. One list said: “These people are gullible.

Cute neighborhood skunk

Boston Globe: Neighborhood skunk treated like pet By Associated Press, 6/9/2003 POPLAR BLUFF, Mo.—Residents on Willow Street in this southeast Missouri town find the skunk roaming their neighborhood charming and anything but a stinker. This skunk apparently likes people, even following neighbors around and brushing against their legs like a cat. Since making its presence known a couple of years ago, the olfactory-offending animal has become a fixture around Willow Street.